with Mia Ingelström & Tomas Blom

Sweden’s N°1 Personal Trainers in Personal Finances

Live the best version of your life now!

By sharing their expert knowledge, Mia & Tomas help women regain control of their lives, their investments and their money management through uniquely designed personal finance trainings.

We are Financial Life Planning Sweden AB.

Our goal is to teach you how to achieve sustainable personal financial planning, so that your money is in harmony with your life, allowing you to live it to the fullest!

Because we know you can change your finances around,
we ask you…

Have you ever thought how wonderful life could be without money worries?

Did you know that financial planning is a skill that anyone can learn…

…or that you can live better by simply managing your money… even when everything seems without hope?

Would you believe that in as little as 8 weeks you can change your finances forever and see the life you have always wanted become a reality?

Why we are doing this?

After spending many years working on cutting edge investment techniques and banking products, we know the specific needs of women, and men, are just not met.

We have learnt from experience, each one of our clients’ needs are completely unique. With that in mind, we have tailored our courses and solutions around the specific, genuine requirements of women, so they can acquire financial freedom and independence.

Are you ready to regain control on your finances?

"One of the best decisions I've taken! To get personal advice from a financial Personal trainer has given me confidence that I have exactely what I need reagarding i.e insurances. Not too much and not to little. And it has been so important for me when setting goals in life, now I have someone that can help me reach them. I can highly recommend this! "

Catharina Häll Henriksson
Financial Life Planning customer

"This is something everyone should have access to. A personal finance trainer!"

Anna Olofsdotter
Financial Life Planning customer

"The education is both simple and educational and I really recommend anyone who wants to strengthen their financial confidence to invest in the onlinecourse"

Sara Hoffman
Financial Life Planning customer

"Already now, the investment has paid back several times!"

Hanna Lundmark
Financial Life Planning customer

"We have come closer to each other now that we both look at our personal finance the same way!

Per & Pernilla
Financial Life Planning customers

What we do for men

Economic freedom is freedom… and men need it too.
All our trainings, courses and mentoring are also available for men… taking into account what makes men tick too. Call us to know more!

Our Trainings

Financial Bootcamp!
Financially fit in 8 weeks
Financial planning
plan today for
& Motivational speaking

About Mia

With more than 15 years of experience in developing and selling cloud products, she has a strong vision of making Financial Life Planning accessible to all. She knows the power of achieving economic freedom and wants to provide other the tools and inspiration needed to dare to take steps towards their dreams!


“I love to live fully and my mission is for everyone to give themselves the opportunity to live their dreams.

And do you want to know the coolest thing of them all? Once you’ve been in control of your finances and see what opportunities are hidden there, you’re more often closer to your dreams than you thought from the beginning! “.

Why Work With Us?

We offer you a unique way of gaining control over your money and your life. We also provide you with the answers as to
“What happens if I die, can my partner afford to stay in the house?”
“When can I retire?”
“What does my lifestyle cost me every month?”
and more.

Should you need it, we also enhance your trainings with one-on-one advice, once your coaching is completed.

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