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Financial Bootcamp

Financially Fit in 8 weeks

REAL financial advice shouldn’t be just for the rich; people from all walks of life should have the ability to grow their wealth at their fingertips.

Financial Bootcamp is an 8 week online course is a totally unique product!

Packed with information and education on how to make your money work for you, it makes expert knowledge accessible to everyone.

And as part of the course, we also offer one on one personal coaching calls.

This means you can share and discuss your thoughts and goals when it comes to your money.

And the great news is, because Financial Bootcamp is online, this information and support is available at a much lower price tag than usual.

The 8-week online course contains everything you need to become “Financially Fit”.

In 8 weeks you will get tools, instructions and inspiration to make you money minded and your income and assets work for you.

Financial Bootcamp

You will discover the secrets, which will help you achieve your financial goals. We’re your personal trainer when it comes to getting financially fit.

And our coaching calls mean we will make sure you stay on track.

Financial Bootcamp draws on tried and tested methods provided by our global network of experts.

Methods which have been used by thousands of people around the world who have realized financial success!

Please send me more information about the Financial Bootcamp

Yes, please subscribe to the free online course, which is the introduction to the financial bootcamp

The Financial Bootcamp will soon be available as stand alone online course, where you can pick the modules that are most urgent to you. For some, this is a perfect way to start and to get quick results from the work you do.

Financial planning

Plan Today for Tomorrow

Do you want advice one on one or do you want someone who does the job for you?

We know there are people like you who prefer to work closely with an advisor who can implement techniques for them on their finances.

With our personal guidance service, you get a financial planner who works directly with you, as well as a network of executors in insurances, asset management, and lawyers.

You just have to sit back and watch the money magic happen!

Financial planning

We have knowledge of all aspects of the private and business finance and we are often hired by customers to deal with their complex financials and get their money working for them.

We also have no commission on products and do not aim to sell you more than you need.

Get in touch with a 20-minute free consultation where we talk about what your challenges are and how we can help you!

Workshops & Motivational Speaking

Both Mia and Tomas present on stage in workshops and as motivational speakers. They share their knowledge and experiences about Financial Life Planning’s connection to people’s lives. They have spoken to entrepreneurs, women clubs, established companies and privately held events.

They speak on a number of financially related topics, but always have Financial Life Planning’s values as core to their presentations.

Do you want Mia or Tomas to come and talk to your group of entrepreneurs or individuals?

Would you like information on when and where Financial Life Planning’s next open workshop is held?

Send us an email. We’re more than happy to get in contact with you and see how we can help!

Workshops & Motivational Speaking
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