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Our Values

Everyone deserves to live the best version of their lives.

We help you to do this!

Today, people are ignorant about the most important aspects of making money and what to do with it. And when it comes to their finances, they have no idea about what has the most impact on their lives.

Our task is to teach you how to achieve a sustainable financial plan, which will help your wealth grow immediately, and in the future. We encourage you to take action on your money goals and achieve your financial aspirations and dreams.

What drives us?

The most common response we hear when we give our monetary advice is:
“If I’d only known this about my finances before.”

So many people aren’t living their lives to the fullest – when you work with us, we will help you change that.

Before I made my own financial life plan, I thought I was in control of my finances. But then I realized; if my husband got a long-term illness and couldn’t work for a long time, we would have to start searching for a cheaper place to live.

So after speaking with FLP, we took out sickness insurance. This means we can now cope financially with higher living costs if anything should happen and he cannot work. I cannot put into words the peace of mind this has given me in my life. Knowing I am making my money work in the best way possible, for us, means I can now focus on living my life to the fullest.

And I have the confidence to put my energy into enjoying every moment of it!

The benefits of working with financial life planning

When you work with Financial Life Planning these are just some the results you will see in your money and your life:

With an in depth knowledge of your financial situation, you can ditch your money worries and take active choices in your life to do amazing things.

Our winning structure for your monetary goals is simple, straightforward, and easy! So you’ll find yourself having fun with your personal finances instead of dreading balancing the books.


After you have finished the course, you will feel satisfied and happy, knowing you are using every available asset and your bank balance to its maximum potential.


You will have a clear and concise roadmap of how you can accomplish your dreams and goals.


Counting each and every krona will be a thing of the past. For the first time you will see how you can be supported by your money, not the other way around.

Financial Life Planning Sweden AB is a Swedish financial planning company.

As the first Lifestyle Financial Planners in Sweden we’re part of developing a profession. We love the fact that we are offering a fee-based advise and knowledge about your personal finances. We don’t sell any financial products – we’re just here to guide you through the jungle and give you knowledge about how to best connect your money and your life!

Our task is to teach you the art of how to make your money enable you to have the amazing life you have always dreamt of. We feel the financial industry has had an obsession with product sales for far too long. It has been about quantity not quality when it comes to what is on offer.

We’re incredibly proud of Financial Life Planning because it gives people what they really need. We combine your life with your money, and we do it entirely according to your requirements. This is why we love what we do! In the past it was a lot easier to manage our money. Today, women, and men need something different, and we need a lot more knowledge at our fingertips.

Do you want to know how to find and negotiate the best deals, the legislation of retirement funds and what your options are?

Are you confused about what insurances you have automatically and what you need to get ourselves to be insured at the most basic level?

To be empowered in your finances, you need to be confident, and knowledgeable when talking to banks and financial institutions, so you can get the right information behind the sales pitches.

Are you feeling stressed and exasperated because you don’t have the time, or the energy to figure this out by yourself?

That is why Financial Life Planning is here. We have a passion for making your money work for you. And we have worked many years to understand what is most important and where to start.

We are the experts in putting the pieces of your financial puzzle in together so you can live the life you want to live.

And that’s why you should work with us!

In Financial Life Planning we road test different scenarios in your life, so you can see how the future could look. What would happen if you got sick for a long time; could you, or your family maintain your current lifestyle?

Imagine if you or your partner had a serious accident. Could you still stay in your home?

What about that dream holiday you have always wanted to take? Is that ever going to be a reality for you?

We can make a plan for your future which will enable you to see how much is really possible. We can do this by looking at custom insurance, or a revised investment strategy. We also look at changed income or expenditure planning. Financial Life Planning will give you peace of mind, and we can tailor your financial plan so it is uniquely designed for you, your money and your needs. We do not sell any products; our advice is completely independent and adapted to you.

About the Team

Financial Life Planning is the dream team to help you start your journey towards economic freedom!

The Financial Life Planning dream team of Tomas, Joakim and Mia collaborate with financial planning experts all over the globe.

Meeting every week with some of the top names in the economic world, they discuss best practices and new methods so they are always at the cutting edge of any new processes.

This means clients can trust they are provided with the best methods and practices, which have been proven around the planet.

Methods which have enabled thousands of people reach levels of freedom in their personal finances they never thought possible.

Mia Ingelström

Mia Ingelström

Mia has first hand experience of the huge impact Financial Life Planning can create. Having implemented it herself on her own finances, she is now in total control of her wealth, for now and also in the future. She now has the option to travel the world with her three children for a year, quit her day job, and devote her life to helping others creating the freedom they want in life. Mia lives in Täby, close to Stockholm.
Tomas Blom

Tomas Blom

After working with some of the world’s top financial gurus in the UK and the US,Tomas introduced the Financial Life Planning method to Sweden. He has vast knowledge of the Swedish financial industry and legislation around private and business accounting. Tomas has helped hundreds of people to regain control of their personal finances, and enabled them to achieve a solid financial plan which supports the life they want.

Tomas lives in Vänersborg, in the western part of Sweden.



Joakim is an experienced Financial Life Planner, and has worked with Tomas for many years.Every day, he meets with people, giving them monetary structure and expert advice for their financial lives. Described by his colleagues and clients as a man who “listens first and talks after,” Joakim’s goal is to help those who work with him achieve the best they can with their money.

Joakim also lives in Vänersborg.

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